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Written by Jim Guy   

I thought I'd seen all the important modern plant based health movies.  Then I realized I hadn't seen Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  I suupose I hadn't realized it was important.  After all the cover art has a guy standing in a kitchen appliance like he's going to get pulverized.  How serious can that program be?


But it is an important health movie/documentary. 


It's the story of a guy who was plenty concerned for his health, and the future of his life.  Or potential lack of.  So he sets about doing what he calls a reboot, which is a multi-day fast where no solids are consumed.  Only juiced greens.  And on his journey he runs into folks and talks to them about their health.  He converts a few to juice fasts, and they too try a reboot.  All have tremendous success, like our main character.


Maybe you've tried a juiced green drink.  And thought it was an aquired taste.  Yeah, me too.  Till I tried the main character's Mean Green Juice recipe.  I'll list it out below.


A serious and experienced juicer won't talk too much about recipes, usually.  They cut some greens and go with what ever they think is needed on that day.  For the rest of us we need something concrete to juice that will result in a drink - a taste that we don't have to aquire first to drink.  Because if I'm making a face, and tiny-sipping this thing I'm probably not likely to change up my health regimine to include juicing no matter how good it can be for us.


Juicing can be done in different methods.  Some juice in the morning only and don't eat solids for breakfast.  Some juice for breakfast and lunch, and don't eat solids until supper time.  Others yet eat solids for breakfast and lunch, and juice in the early and mid evening hours.


Or you can do a multi day juice fast.  But you should read up on that first, and get with your primary care doctor to discuss what you're contemplating.


There are some simple guidelines to juicing.  If you're going to eat solids and juice in a single meal then drink the green juice first, wait a few, then eat your solids.  Juicing is best on an empty stomach.  Refridgerate your juice if storing.  Your can store your juiced greens for a day or two.  After 48 hours - sooner if not refridgerated - the micro nutients are diminishing, and bacteria growth is taking form.  Don't over-do the sweet ingredients.  One apple (granny smith) will do.  An apple + a pear + carrots = too much sweeteners.  For diabetics especailly this is an area of concern.  Lemon and lime both are lower in sugar than other citrus fruits.


Mean Green Juice

1 cucumber

4 celery stocks

2 apples

6-8 leaves kale

1/2 lemon

1 inch piece of ginger






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