Luke 24
Written by Kim LaCoste   


“And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat? And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish and of an honeycomb. And he took it, and did eat before them.”                                                                                       Luke 24:41-43 (KJV)


The Books of Matthew, Mark and John don’t have this passage.  Luke was a doctor, so it only figures that he would have this detail.  Or, was it the Holy Spirit's way of answering a future child's questions, who might have asked, “When Jesus arose, was He hungry? What did He eat?”



There has to be a reason why this was included other than just the fact that the Lord was hungry.  At the same time, one must remember He hadn’t ascended to Heaven yet.  But – why the fish and the honeycomb?  Couldn’t the disciples given Him vegetables or fruit?  OR, is there a reason why we were told he had fish and a honeycomb?  I decided to see if I could find an answer.  There is nothing in the Bible “just for show”.  Every verse has a purpose.


Think of the times when Christ fed the multitudes.  What did He feed them? Fish.  He could have made any fruit or vegetable appear in abundance and fed them, but He chose a food source that would provide protein so that the people wouldn't tire on their trip home.  Jesus also ate fish with the disciples. I needed to understand the verses from a spiritual perspective.  Instead of dwelling on verses 41-43, which had been my primary focus, I read the entire chapter many times.


A lot is occurring in the last chapter of Luke: the Lord has arisen; His sepulchre was opened by angels. Mary Magdalene and other women go in haste to tell the disciples, but they don't believe them. Peter runs out to the sepulchre, only to leave it just as confused. Two men who were apparently with the disciples, decide to leave and go to Emmaus, approximately 7.5 miles from Jerusalem. Jesus sees the two men, who are disheartened over the crucifixion and decides to walk with them and teach them about the Scriptures. The Lord doesn't reveal who He is until after He breaks bread with them later.  At the moment they realize who He is, Jesus vanishes from their sight. 


Verse 31 is extremely important: the Holy Spirit reveals to us that even though the Lord hasn't ascended to Heaven, His Divinity on Earth has taken on the level of omnipotence.  How do I know this? It's proven in verses 33 through 37: Cleopas with haste makes it back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples what happened.  When he gets there, he learns that Jesus has also appeared to Simon.  How could Jesus do that when He was just in Emmaus? Jesus appears in Jerusalem, while Cleopas is speaking to the disciples. Note that the Bible doesn't say Jesus walked with Cleopas back to Jerusalem; He appears in the midst of them. However, because Jesus appeared out of thin air as it were, everyone is terrified and can't believe what they're seeing. To put them at ease, Jesus shows them His hands and feet.  To reassure them further, Jesus asks for something to eat and has His meal in front of them.  Jesus leads them to Bethany, where He blesses them and ascends to Heaven.


It makes perfect sense for Jesus to go Bethany, because it is there (called "Bethabara" in John 1:28) where He had been baptized.  Of all "meats" on this planet, fish is the only species with a special connection to Christ: they served as a metaphor [regarding the disciples]; fish provided sustenance to the Lord and to the multitudes.  Even to this day, fish and its oil are considered very important food for our brain. As for bees, honey is still a great healer, especially when one has a cold.  So, what is the wisdom that I can glean from Luke 24?  The Lord is a Teacher, a Healer through His Word, the Holy Spirit and His creations. His presence is not only within us. His presence is throughout the universe. Therefore, when we study, we should never look at a verse for its face value; the majority of the time, there is always another message.




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