It's That Time of Year - Time for VBS
Written by Jim Guy   


If it's July in St. Louis, it's Vacation Bible School at Central Church!  Our program starts Monday, July 13, and runs through Friday, July 17, nightly from 6:30 to 9:00pm. 


The theme this year is “Everest – Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power”.  The kids are going to make base camp on Mount Everest (conveniently located at 5 N Skinker Blvd.) where they will embark on an icy expedition of rock-solid Bible truths.  They'll meet Klymer the Snow Leopard, among other characters.  They’ll also consume snacks, make some friends, and have a great time.



There are lots of activities planned this year, so you'll want to register your 5-12 year old very soon.  Our VBS kids typically come from our church members and their neighbors, but any kid who meets the age requirement is welcome to attend.  You'll want to register by contacting our VBS director, Mrs. Kelsey.


For those a little older – 14 years and up – Mrs. Kelsey could certainly use your help.  She needs food donors, crew leaders, and station leaders.  Crew leaders have the most fun because they go with their group to each station every night, and participate.  Find your inner child (which never left you), and volunteer!  

Speaking of Mrs. Kelsey…


This is Mrs. Kelsey's 10th year as leader, but sadly, it is her last.  Next year, she turns the program over to the very capable hands of longtime station leader, Emily Kiernan.  Mrs. Kelsey has had some memorable moments during her tenure – such as the time the whole neighborhood lost power, and they were forced to postpone VBS until the following week – but she’s never lost sight of the school’s purpose.  A VBS kid herself, she describes the program as a unique experience.  Little else in church is designed solely for children.  VBS is a kid-friendly evangelistic series and a spiritual discussion that connects through games, songs, reflections on what God does in our lives, and God's character seen through us when we seek Him out.  Her dream has always been to see VBS grow, and it has done just that.  Under God’s blessing, the school’s enrollment consistently increases year after year, and many of the kids even go on to become crew and station leaders.  Clearly, our VBS is thriving.  


So thank you, Mrs. Kelsey, for the great memories!  Your leadership has provided the kids of St. Louis with an unforgettable God-centered program.  Through your sacrifices and hard work, with tons of planning, crafting, organizing, leading out, and even giving up rooms of your home for decorations, you have shown us all, both kids and adults alike, the true meaning of Godly love.




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