Central Revelations - September 2015

Nepalese Refugees and the Birth of a Church
Written by Fred Schlichter   










Many of us at Central already know about the efforts being made to minister and to bring the gospel message to some of the refugee groups that have settled here in St. Louis.  One of which is the Nepalese refugee community.  This has involved the diligent labor of very dedicated individuals, who have worked tirelessly to establish communication and nurture relationships with the Nepali people.

August 16th
Written by Kim LaCoste   



The 16th of August will always be a special day for me.  On this date in 2013, I chose to come to Central SDA Church.  I remember that day clearly.  Even the Lord smiled on it because the day was sunny with a few clouds.

Fresh Kale Salad
Written by Fred Schlichter   

Summer is the perfect time to savor the bountiful harvest of delicious garden-fresh vegetables. And what could be better than to enjoy them in the form of a colorful and healthy salad? This easy-to-make kale salad recipe combines the best of the summer produce in one delightful and very tasty dish. Vegan and oh-so-mouthwateringly-healthy, you will love it so much that you won’t be able to eat just one bowl!

Get To Know Your Church...
Written by Geoffry Ikpeama   

Meet Mark & Lisa

Joining St. Louis Central over the Summer from Walla Walla University, and as newlyweds, Lisa joins Hillcrest School as the lower grades teacher, while Mark considers his many opportunities in St. Louis.

kale salad