Building God's House
Written by Pastor Rob Alfalah   

Building a house is a very challenging project. So many things can go wrong and so many things are needed to make this endeavor a success: good location, materials, people, equipment, tools, a blueprint, and last but definitely not least

- money. But what is the very first thing that is needed even before any of these other items a gathered? The idea - the vision that someone must have before this project even gets off the ground. King David had such an idea/vision.    


In 2 Samuel 7, we find David seated firmly on the throne of Israel. Verse 1 tells us that "the Lord had given him rest on every side from all his enemies…" It was in this context that David came up with the idea to build a better, more suitable location for the Ark of the Covenant and the God who sits atop it (Exodus 25:21-22). He shared this vision with Nathan the prophet who encouraged him to "do all that is in [his] mind" (Verse 3). But God had other plans.    


Because of the wars that David had fought (1 Chronicles 22:8), he was not permitted to follow through with his vision. God had other plans for people who would build His house. But God didn’t leave His faithful servant without revealing His vision for David. He told him that "I will make you a great name" (2 Samuel 7:9) and "the Lord will make a house for you" (Verse 11). Did you catch that?  When David was planning to build a house to "the name of the Lord", God said, "I will make you a great name and build a house for you." What does this reveal about God? That even though we may want to do something for the Lord, He wants to do so much more for us - more than we can possibly think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21)! Our God is truly an awesome God! He wants to give to us, to serve us, to lift us up and to glorify us. But are we willing to do the same for Him?    


God goes on to tell David that his "seed" after him would build this house. We know that "seed" to be his son, Solomon. How does David respond to God telling him "no"? Does he pout? Speak ill of the situation? Murmur and complain? 1 Chronicles 22:5 gives us the answer: "…the house that is to be built for the Lord shall be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all lands…now I will make preparation for it." So, David made ample preparations before his death. What does David do? He makes ample (or abundant in other translations) preparations. And in the next few verses, we  see that David follows a 3-pronged approach to these preparations.    


The first prong is found in verses 6-9 where David communicates his vision to Solomon, the next generation in God’s work. He relates to him all that was in his heart and what God had decided to do instead. The second prong is found primarily in verses 11-13. Here, David empowers, charges, commissions and encourages Solomon to build. In the context of this empowerment, David lets Solomon know that God will be with him to ensure his success. He just needs to be mindful to obey God and do things His way. The third prong is found in verses 14-16 where David makes the actual preparations and provisions of both material resources (gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood, etc.) and human resources (stone cutters/masons, woodworkers, etc.). These preparations weren’t easy. David says in verse 14 that “in much trouble” or literally, “in affliction” he made these preparations.    


There is much painstaking work and sacrifice that goes into building a house for the Lord. It all depends on if His vision for His "house" is in our heart as it was in David’s. You see, the lesson for us isn’t about building a literal house for God. It’s about building a ministry in the community that can glorify God and lead people to Jesus. Do you have a vision for building a "house" (i.e. ministry) to the Lord? Are you willing to follow through with it and make the painstaking efforts to see it done, even if it’s not you who will lead and finish the work? And to do so without complaining and murmuring? You may not even receive the credit for it! David didn’t. Is God’s work in your heart? What will you do on your part to move God’s work forward in this community - even if it’s “much trouble” to do so?




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