Men's Ministry
Written by Clarence Wilson   

It is by the grace of God the men of St. Louis Central SDA Church work together for a better world, family and community. We have a mission statement that we have agreed upon as a way to serve in this ministry. We stand by it as the vision of our calling to be men of God.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to SHARE GOD'S word by OUR personal TESTIMONY and SHARE our ability by HELPING others. To encourage, lift one another up and become pillars of our church.  To serve as leaders in our homes and community.  To be the men that God has called us to be.


Men of God have an awesome opportunity to be in ministry with the Creator of ALL the earth! We try to connect as well with our counterparts at the other churches when possible. Our true goal is to work towards bringing ALL men and young men together in the Lord or at least introduce them to the Lord our God. We have had many events such as picnics, prayer times, and workshops discussing the issues that plague the male population. We meet on a bi-monthly (every other month) schedule on the second Sunday of the month (10 am -12 pm). In our meetings we have a set agenda along with a fulfilling breakfast.


This year, we hope to introduce into our meetings certain presentations from health and other like-minded Christian professionals. They will cover men’s health concerns. One of our main events this year will be a Health Expo at St. Louis Central SDA Church. It will be on Sunday, June 28, from 10 am - 3 pm and will feature information and resources from a variety of health providers and organizations.


We invite participation from the men of the church in all of our events. This will provide a broader scope on the things that concern men. As men of God, we encourage prayer and participation. It is also our mission to invite and make our younger men a part of this mission. Please see our church web site for additional upcoming events.

Clarence Wilson - Leader
Keith Wharton - Co-Leader
Curtis Crusoe - Co-Leader    




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