Listening With Your Spiritual Ear
Written by Kim LaCoste   

Humans take in hundreds of sounds simultaneously: traffic, planes flying overheard, children playing in a schoolyard, etc.  But how well do we listen with our spiritual ear? I'm using "ear" as opposed to "ears" because I think there are three levels: the first level, where we have the normal hearing of everyday sounds; a second level that can make us

turn from places that glorify sin and the third level, the Supreme level, when the Lord speaks into an ear.

   Today, writers seem to love the idea of giving the Lord an offensive middle name or saying His name in vain so many times, it's enough to make you mute the television.  For a long time, it didn't bother me what lines an actor stated in a movie, even if saying the Lord's name in various forms was a part of the dialogue.  As I came closer to Jesus, I changed. I no longer wanted to hear the Lord's name in vain, nor did I want to hear swearing as a part of His name.

   I had a copy of an animated film that was made many years ago.  One day I decided to put it in the DVD player while I did some housework. What struck me was the name of the family's cat.  It was named after Satan (the "L" word).  I couldn't believe it; all this time, I had gone "deaf" to that.  Once I heard it, I pressed the eject button and threw the DVD away.  What's even more lamenting is that thousands of people have seen and bought the film.  It made me wonder: how many people over the years bought a cat, gave it that name and worse yet, said "I love you, L------" to it? 

   To some, this may seem like a small thing, but Satan's work is just as subtle and we all know that his ways lead to destruction.

   In Sabbath school and the weekly Bible class, we've talked about hearing the Word and being able to discern whether it's the Lord who's speaking to us, or our minds.  The key is in reading the Bible.  The more you read, the more you abide in the Lord.  Sure, there will be times when you've thought something out and worked out a plan to great success.  On the other hand, it's worth considering: were some of the steps you followed in the plan steps the Lord spoke to you through your spiritual ear?  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  That in itself makes whatever He tells us worth listening to.  He doesn't lie and even when we can't understand His motives, we should always listen... After all, He loves us.

   And you know what?  I didn't just come up with this idea to write this message; the Lord inspired me to write about it.  I had shown an interest to write for our church's newsletter.  The first thing the Lord said to me was, "Write about the spiritual ear."




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