Staying Connected
Written by Kim LaCoste   

   "I am the vine, ye are the branches..."

   A few years ago, a man directed a film where a part of the plot was trying to save a "tree of life".  All of the people were connected to it, through their nervous/circulatory systems and were willing to die to preserve it.

     In real life, we have such a Tree, with branches that extend within (our oceans, lakes and seas), on (all over the world) and above (the heavens). With such a connection, Earth and Heaven are innocent; the planet and our skies don't conspire to destroy. However, what humans do on Earth does one of two things: keeps you connected to God or separates you from Him.

     I was watering my plants one day and stopped to look  at a leaf. That was when John 15:5 came to me. The leaf had a line in the middle (the vine) and veins connected to it (the branches). That pattern is in nearly all plant life and where it isn't in the leaves, the roots have the pattern. Humans, animals, birds and fish have the same pattern in the circulatory system. That's really astounding when you think about it: the Lord implemented a similarity in all of His life-forms.

     When we strive to stay connected, God sees us in times of  trouble and saves us: you might run faster than you thought you could to get away from an assailant, or maneuver your car in such a way that you wonder hours later how you did it. In contrast, when you choose to reject God and visit places where danger tends to present itself, you may or may not get away safely. What is the allure of darkness, when walking in the light is so much easier?

     For some time now, I've learned more than I ever thought possible about the Lord, the Sabbath and why the world has so much turmoil.  In the past, I didn't know what "getting out of Babylon" meant.  Physical Babylon was relegated to one area; spiritual Babylon has encompassed the world.  For the deceived, Satan is holding all of the strings, turning people into puppets who do his bidding under a blanket of darkness.


    There are so many eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear... The shroud of darkness is a facade; the Light is still on high.  All we have to do is reach out to Him.  Michelangelo had the right idea when he painted Adam's hand reaching toward the hand of God.  There is only one God and no one else.  We live in a time where staying connected to the Lord through prayer and study is of monumental importance.  Separating oneself from Jesus Christ is like becoming a deadened branch that breaks off.  He never wanted that for any of us.  Be the branch that wants to stay connected to the Vine.




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