Veil Of Deception
Written by Kim LaCoste   

For the longest time, I couldn't understand how some evildoers had it easy: there were the ones with so much money, it rendered jealousy; men and women who lived a double life, one with their spouse

and the other with his/her love interest; thieves, murderers, committing crimes over and over and never getting caught; liars who have caused innocent men and women to serve prison sentences, without one shred of regret over what they've done to them. In spite of everything, all was well. Some of them have palatial homes with servants, while others travel all over the earth, living in expensive hotels. And yes, some evildoers aren't rich, but they find a middle ground and that suffices them. I couldn't understand it. Why weren't they suffering?

And then I remembered something my brother told me: "Always know where your blessings come from; from God or from Satan."  Therefore, I realized that it wasn't God who had given them riches and a worry-free life. Everything they had was given by Satan. Why? Because he doesn't want them going to God. As long as they have a life of pleasure and no problems, the idea of prayer doesn't enter the picture. Seeking the Lord makes you wise; once the Lord begins to teach you His truth, there's no unlearning it.

 You see, Satan loves to keep a veil over the eyes of sinners. True, they operate like you and me, getting up each day, dealing with their daily routine, seeing what's in the world, but that's just it: they only see what's in the world; the veil prevents them from seeing the Light. Therefore, they walk around in a force-field of deception. They can't see the world for what it is. Don't misunderstand; they can see the beauty in mountains, the ocean, assorted wildlife, et cetera. The problem is, they rarely attach the Creator to it because they're not looking for Him. They see us "Bible People" as a bunch of weakened nuts, who only cling to God out of desperation. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather hold onto the Lord and seek His guidance in all aspects of my life than be wealthy and live a sinful, trouble-free existence. Besides, I know what's in the future for the wicked and I want no part of that!

I recently learned II Corinthians 4:5-18 and I repeat the words to myself every day. Verse 18 is very profound: "While we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal."

 When you accept Jesus into your heart, He reveals things that are not seen. Think of a quality that you thought was missing from your personality, and then through some circumstance by God's design you discover that it's been in you all along, like courage, resilience, being steadfast in your ideals to reach a goal. Positive actions from a kind heart glorify the Lord. Satan can't put a veil over your eyes because you have sought the Most High and He lives in you. The Lord won't permit a shroud of darkness to encompass you. The Bible speaks the truth: when you submit yourself to the Lord, Satan has to flee from you. Life may be hard at times, but lean on the Lord. Don't let Satan cast his veil of deception over you.




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