Chill Session/YAM
Written by Casey White   

The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) here at St.Louis Central is a Christian support group for individuals going through various stages in life.  It fosters a laid back environment aptly named Chill Session providing a place for those who desire to form new friendships

, grow and keep them strong, learn more about God's Word, and seek a closer, more genuine relationship with Him.


Anyone approx. 18-35 years old is welcome although the age isn't written in stone per se.  Young adults face college, work, new marriage, new baby, new friends, new home, and perhaps a newly formed outlook on life; these are some of the most common aspects of the young adult life, and if you happen to be going through it you know it can get overwhelming at times.


YAM provides a place where you may fellowship with people who are going through some of the same stages in life.  If you’re interested to meet at a Chill Session for Bible study and fellowship come and join us, Friday nights from 6:30 PM till it's over.  The place is St. Louis Central Church, of course.




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