Fruit, Gifts, and So Much More
Written by Amy Son Ikpeama   

The fruit of the Spirit provides an outline of the character of God.  The fruit can be seen as a reason why we serve God. His love, joy and peace in us explain why we serve Him and seek to bless others.  So, if we have the fruit in us, how do we serve Him? To do that, we need to utilize our spiritual gifts.



One of the main reasons the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts is to help us serve God. In receiving and putting these gifts to use, we do our part to fulfill the mission of the church. We can use these gifts to serve, bless, and teach others about Christ and His love. Spiritual gifts play an important role in healthy Christian development on several levels. Recognizing one’s gifts can foster spiritual growth and development, leading to more opportunities to minister through these gifts.


At Central, we use a Ministry Management Team (MMT) to engage the church in understanding the importance of spiritual gifts. MMT helps to connect church members with ministries and/or departments that best fit the individuals’ gifts. In some cases, church members may not readily know their gifts or realize they even have any gifts.


MMT recently coordinated a Spiritual Gifts Workshop and Ministry Fair to encourage members in this area. The Spiritual Gifts Workshop occurs twice a year. It’s great opportunity for everyone to take advantage of to study the importance of spiritual gifts. Some of you may think, “Oh, I don’t have any spiritual gifts”, but that thought is not compatible with the Bible. The Bible says that each one is given a spiritual gift from the Holy Spirit. We are called to discover, use and train them.


The Ministry Fair occurs once a year and a majority of the ministries are represented. MMT encourages people to attend and learn what all the different ministries are and how they can get involved. We encourage trying and experimenting with different gifts and ministries. Did you know that:

  • We have a Landscaping Ministry that works to beautify the church grounds?
  • We have a Peacemaking Ministry that teaches the importance of reconciliation and conflict resolution?
  • There is Financial Peace University to educate on how we honor God with our money and to climb out of debt?

God calls us to be a living sacrifice and to be good stewards of the gifts He’s given us. That doesn’t mean just using our time and money, but also our skills, passions and abilities. We are not to let them become stagnated; rather, we should sharpen them to further His Kingdom.  We know God is pleased when we do His will. Let us all strive to discover our place in His Work here on earth.




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