Costa Rica for Christ

Share Him - Costa Rica,  May 2011
by Branden Watson

Some people fly to grandma's for the Holidays, but in May 2011 the destination of my first ever flight was to the Central American country of Costa Rica (map). Here is where the Lord had called me to minister during a Share Him ( evangelistic outreach program. Teaching from the pulpit would also be a first for me.


The bible tells us in Matthew 9:35 that Jesus went preaching in the synagogues and cities, teaching and healing the diseases of the people. Our lord Jesus Christ had a message for the people of his day. That message is still relevant to us today.

“Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and every disease among the people.”
Matthew 9:35, NKJV


The town where I was assigned was Limon, Costa Rica. The name of the church where I would work from was the Panorama Profetico – Prophetic Panorama. I met pastor Senior, and received his assignment. I was to have the experience of running my own church. So for two weeks I was the overseer of the meetings in the tent, and at the church on Sabbath.





Limon is a bustling town with busy streets, and people going about their day.  These were the people God sent me to reach with the Gospel.  To tell of the one who died for them and who has given them a second chance at His kingdom.  This place – these people were my mission regardless if they were in denial of his existence, or if they had a different theological perspective.  The calling was for the people of Costa Rica – to bring them the gospel.


Through prayer and commitment to this I was able to complete my duties.  Its amazing to see even in different parts of the world the same message, the same hope of our God returning in all of His miraculous glory.  This message touches people proving that Christ is a risen savior, and is alive and working through us to seek and save the lost.

So I pray that I will be able to serve again, and maintain this fire that God has given me as we eagerly wait the very soon second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Thank you to all who helped me with your prayers, your encouragement, and helped make it financially possible.  I'm humbled and grateful for the experience.